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Professional Residential

Professional residential were looking for a website and branding that matched their business, working with internethealthsupport.com who wrote the copy we were able to create a site that matched their branding vision.  In this site we created some bespoke cinemagraphs to showcase their quality. 

The design had to have key elements “above the fold” of the site.  The challenge was that the copy required here was cluttering up the page, by creating essentially 3 home pages we were able to include all the copy required while keeping the visual integrity of the design .
Care was taken to layout all text and visuals in a bespoke manner per page to maintain the premium look and feel of the site, while also maintaining accessibility. 
The services page presented a unique challenge of a large body of copy, which meant that we had to introduce a mini menu at the top of the page to ensure that the customer experience was straightforward.  The design was bespoke to ensure that each sub heading had its own unique feel and look to break up the content and make it palatable for the first time and return user. 
We also included a live google review widget feed on the homepage as per the clients request, styling it in a way which brings it in line with the Pro Res brand.

The use of an interactive form further encourages customer engagement on the site .