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Omega Security Solutions

Omega Security Solutions approached Paper Pixel looking to completely overhaul their existing legacy website, which while informative was completely outdated, not adaptive at all and as it had grown over time, had become very disorganised and hard to navigate. 

Our goal was to take the 100 or so pages of the original site and condense them down into a more readable and accessible format. 

Research told us that the two key visitor types were existing customers who were looking for specific information and new customers who needed a “customer journey” through the site, one where they could deep dive if they wished or have a superficial view of the products and what Omega did before calling/contacting them. 

They also wanted the site to reflect their focus on cutting edge technology, so the site had to introduce the user to an amazing look and feel. 

Paper pixel built a home page that suited all of these requirements, distilling the areas that Omega services into four major pillars to make the products under each pillar more accessible and searchable. 

We designed a custom opening render cinematic to give the home page a “wow” factor and a custom “solution finder” widget to allow new uses to quickly find what they needed on the site.

on top of that we also showed the four “pillars on the home page ensuring a user would have multiple ways to find the information that they needed. 

Work on this site is ongoing as it is being constantly updated with new information and material as part of their online growth strategy. 

Feel free to take a look at their site here: