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collateral design

booklet Layout and Design

Hume City Council Creative Communities Document

This 40 page document outlines Hume City Council’s vision and intentions on how they will cater for their creative community for the next 5 years based on public consultation and feedback.

The piece was developed for a creative audience such as artists, designers, musicians, performers, creative professionals etc, therefore we needed the document to be extra appealing and engaging in its aesthetic and given the nature of the document, it meant we could afford to be a bit more daring in our design.

I personally wanted the design to be obviously crafty in order to speak to the artistic audience therefore I decided to use a cut paper image-making technique to create the colourful silhouettes. The cut out shapes are obljects that represent the various artistic disciplines in Hume eg writing, music, studio arts, performance etc. I also combined some smiles, eyes and ears in there too to show how the arts affect the senses and have a positive impact on the community